Colonial Circle 2010 36"x18"

The upper west side floats on two wings of Lafayette Avenue. At the center of Colonial Circle, spring flowers surround the base of Colonel Daniel Bidwell's statue.

Roosevelt Square 2008 27"x20"

Two of Buffalo's grandest buildings form the backdrop for the annual New Years ball drop and fireworks display. The Buffalo Savings Bank and the General Electric Tower, along with a bunch of other turn-of-the-century buildings make for a jaunty composition.

Harbor Seen 2006-07 30"x20"

As smoke streaks across the sky, a train rides a high bridge over the harbor. The brass sun casts dull light on a freighter at the dockside. The nearby neighborhood rests quietly ...all seen by a blue eyed monster lurking below the surface.

Winter Walk 2010 26"x20"

From an abandoned snow saucer, I've fashioned a view of Hoyt Lake and the surrounding Museum District.

Tifft Farm Reflections 2008 31"x27"

The green hills of Tifft Nature Preserve are reflected in the waters of the Buffalo Harbor. A freighter glides into port over the shimmering image of the Buffalo skyline. Originally a wetlands, then a farm and then an industrial site, Tifft has come full circle.

From the Water 2006 44"x18"

Like most cities, Buffalo got its start at the water's edge. In this view from the water most of the city's prominent features can be recognized, including the skyway as it arches over grain elevators and industry.

Toronto 2005 46"x36"

From its bustling harbor Toronto seems to expand up and up...

River Crossing 2009 15"x12"

A piece of driftwood acts like smoke in the sky. A tin can sun floats in the air. A pull chain sparkles like sunlight on the lake. A rusted wire fence and a ragged piece of plywood become a suspension bridge carrying a freight train across the mighty Niagara.

Chautauqua 2009 25"x17"

A few of Chautauqua's famous landmarks are nestled among the colorful cottages and Victorian homes.