In creating these wall sculptures I use wood, metal, stone, and shell to build a picture of an urban landscape. A cityscape.

I try to capture the energy of a city in motion. At first glance it appears abstract and chaotic but soon images emerge: a church, a boat, or a familiar building shaped from scrap wood. Discarded radio parts become the machines that run a living city. An old light switch appears to be part of a factory and a piece of driftwood represents smoke.

I gather my materials at construction sites, in parking lots, at curbside or along the shoreline. The world is full of art supplies!

Many of the pieces are inspired by or depict Buffalo, NY, my hometown. I have always been fascinated by the enormous industrial structures that crowd the waterways: the steel plants, the grain elevators, the factories. Close in their shadow are the neighborhoods of small homes. And of course there's a church nearby. I've seen this in every city I have ever visited, from London and Paris to Seattle and Vancouver; a factory, a neighborhood, a church.

Cities seem to grow upon themselves like a forest, the new constantly replaces the old, sometimes destroying the past. But in Buffalo much of the past is still proudly standing. The many ornate turn-of-the-century buildings that remain add charm to the blue collar feel of this industrial city. I hope that my sculptures reflect this blending of the new and the old, the graceful and the muscular.


About the Artist

I attended Buffalo State College in the '70s earning a B.S. in Design. Over the next 25 years I worked in the commercial art field creating posters, brochures, magazine ads and illustrations. I wrote and illustrated The Snow Lover's Guide to Buffalo (1982) and Buffalo's Historical Calendar (1986). I served as President of the Graphic Artists Guild of WNY from '87 to '88. I have exhibited with The Buffalo Illustrators Group at Daemen College and Hallwalls Art Gallery, and with The Arts Council of WNY. It was the Herd About Buffalo public art project that renewed my interest with sculpture. I created the Buffalo Rider for that event and 3 years later created Baron Von Wheel for the Art on Wheels project. (Both in conjunction with the Burchfield Penney Art Gallery and Roswell Park Cancer Institute.) While I still enjoy drawing and other graphics, my main focus is now sculpture.